Hello, meet my brother Kippy.

If you have me on social media, you’ll notice I post alot about my brother, Kippy.

He’s 3.
That’s great, but he’s also a 3 year old in 2017/8.

Kippy ( actual name, Ebubechukwu, but he’s not tryna say that all that time) is a 2014 delivery baby who loves trap music, colloquial language, snap backs and fresh haircuts.

Last year alone, I’d been itching to give the boi a young uppercut, but my mom says we need to respect him enough to let him speak his mind. He needs to develop the confidence to fully express himself at all times.

Greeeat notion. Must πŸ‘ be πŸ‘ nice.

As a toddler with this amount of freedom, he’s super absorbent, but particularly towards pop culture and the lit ages ( because siblings).

An over view of Kippy’s fuxboi potential 2017 behavior.

– His current haircut is a fade with a hashtag on the side ( like the waiter at Yours Truly lol)

– He insists on pants cuffed at the ankle.

– He loves giving lifts. Just like the average GTi oke, Kippy is quick to let the huns at pre-school know that his sister can give them a lift home if they keen. 😐

– He dances really well. Dab, Hit the Folks, Roley, Reverse, Jerk, omg he can do it all. I just need for him to turn 16 so I can lie about his age at the club.

– My friends call him …


– He comes alive when Travis Scott booms over the speakers. On numerous occasions I’ve taken him to bed, and as he has fallen asleep, Chris Brown – Party will play. And that was it – he was all the way up and awake. (NB: Party – Chris Brown was his anthem for the year, so you really couldn’t tell him anything until it was done playing).

– He thinks he’s the shit. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times he has asked me to tell him he’s cute or handsome. As much as he likes these compliments, he has just as much fun giving them out. ” You look beautiful today kiki “.

– He started flirting to early in this life. My friend Lauren, is ‘ Lolly 😏 ‘ to him and he loves when she sleeps over. She gets offers none of his sister’s get. On some ” must I fetch your slippers Lolly? “. What about .. my slippers? They’re right next to each other :/

– He’s been called aside at pre-school for bullying kids. Older kids. Not all too happy about this one but at least twice this year, Kippy has been put in extreme time out for putting his paws on older kids for their ‘ misconduct’ against him. lol, he says they were ‘naughtying in his face’.

– He laughs at other babies who can’t dance. He howls.

He thinks every conversation and topic needs his input. What do you think you’re doing having a conversation without the boi? What do you think this is, privacy?

– He thinks Alvin and the Chipmunks are lame 😒.

– He believes in 6Packing after eating. It’s the act of pushing your tummy all the way out and then all the way in to create a six pack.

– On a recent trip to Table Mountain, he saw a golf cart. I’m assuming he doesn’t know what it’s actually called, because he said ‘ Kiki look ! Look ! It’s Mordecai and Rigby’s car – are they walking? ‘

Now, we’re all aware that kids of this generation look and behave way above their age. Have you seen the 12 year old make up godessness on IG ? yes? Then you know exactly what I mean when I say I’m excited to see what the babies born from 2007 and upwards are going to be like. What our future as a world will be like.

Just imagine.


* Can’t post pictures or videos of kippy on here coz Facebook has made my mom paranoid about kidnapped babies. Also because I lost him at Spar for about an hour but I think it’s more about Facebook and not me. Just saying.

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