The Rules of Hide and Seek Should Include Keeping Your Mouth Shut

hide and seek is an intense game. And back in my day when they still used to call me drogba (for various reasons. One mainly being the fact that I always had cornrows and basically looked like a boy coz muscle is life) I used see hide and seek as an Olympic game.

I’m talking about straight up trash talking the other babies in my mind when they’d be counting so we could hide. On some ” this one looks like a Potato. She wouldn’t catch me”.

Fast forward a couple of successful runs and saves later, Potato almost blocked me ( meaning she almost caught me out).

So I’m running, flipping sprinting and almost making it when potato comes out from nowhereeeeeee , sees me and says ” I’m gonna get youuuuu ! ‘ and then starts running too.

lmao adrenaline kicked in so I quickly I don’t know which demon overtook my soul and made me run like a slave in the cotton field thinking they can catch freedom 🙁

I raaaaannnnnnn, and then tripped. and fell.

See, that’s all fun and games. Except, I was running with my mouth open – cocky huge grin coz I thought I was gonna make it.

As I tripped and fell , I went sliding like a body boarder on an ocean – and so did my tooth.

kkkgggggggggg against the ground. And it was those grey gravel tarmacs like the ones you find in a parking lot. Coz we were playing in the complex parking lot.

Anyway, obviously being the thuggie that I am, I had to play it cool on the streets. So I closed my mouth real quick and said I’d be back coz I think I heard my mom calling me. But the streets knew otherwise (‘-‘)

Got inside and cried like a new born baby hey ( the silent cry obviously coz my mom’s not about that life). At home, you can can’t be warned about something multiple times and then come in and cry about it. If she heard me lmao I tell you I probably would have gotten an uppercut of note coz she’d beeeeen telling me to close my mouth when I run the streets. Im not entirely sure if it was reference to the trailing talking of the other babies or my physical mouth.

Either way, karma got me good. I’m not pointing fingers but I suspect potato had something to do with it.


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